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How to Use Google Pay to Make Phone Payments


You may send or receive money via a contactless payment terminal with Google Play’s Google Pay, a mobile payment software created by Google. You may use this app to use Google Pay to send money to anyone, as well as to add virtual credit or debit cards to Google Pay. and use Google Pay to manage your finances.

Google created the Google Pay app with the intention of it being the standard payment app for Android phone users. Users of iOS may also use Google Pay and make purchases using it.

Set Up Google Pay From the Web

Let’s say you wish to configure your Google Pay account online. In order to use Google Pay, you must first check in with your Google account. If you have saved your credit and debit card information in your browsers, Google Pay Web will immediately get that information. Let’s say you didn’t provide any financial information. It is required that you enter it throughout the Google Pay setup process.

For the website to accept your payment method, click the “add” option. Include the name and card number from your credit or debit card. After entering your data, click the Save button, then choose Done. Once your card has been added, you must input the security code located on the back of your credit or debit card before your card may be used for contactless payments and for making transactions.

When you add a payment method, it then displays. Additionally, you are always free to add a new payment method or withdraw a current one. You may add a new payment by clicking the Add payment method button if you wish to.

Now that you have added a bank account or new credit or debit card, you may add other payment methods. There are a variety of possibilities, including adding a PayPal account, a new bank account, a new credit or debit card, and others. Follow the instructions to add a new payment method after choosing the one you wish to use.

Set Up Google Pay From the Android App

Nearly all new Android devices have Google Pay pre-installed. Therefore, you do not need to manually download the Google Pay app from the Google Play Store. However, if your phone doesn’t already have a Google Play app, go to the Play Store, search for Google Pay, and then choose to download and install it. People who already have Google Pay installed on their smartphones should upgrade to the most recent version because older versions of the app have issues processing payments and don’t support some features.

Set a default card for the Google Pay app

On Google Pay, you may save numerous multiple cards and even choose one as the default card.

1. Tap the saved card that you wish to make the default.

2. Tap the Default for in-store payments slider button when the card’s information screen appears. About a minute passes before it becomes blue. precisely how long? I did, however, have enough time to give my card a moniker, Brewster’s Millions.

Using Google Pay on Android Phones

Go to Settings on the Android phone and choose the Apps section. Choose Default Apps or choose the option for Choose Default Apps by tapping the three-dot icon. If a Google Pay account isn’t already set as the default, select the Tap and Pay option and do so. When necessary, Google Pay will then appear as the payment method.

Hold your phone close to the payment scanner in a store that accepts Google Pay to make a purchase, and then confirm the transaction with your password, PIN, fingerprint, or face. When purchasing something online or in an app, choose what you want to buy and touch the Google Pay button. To confirm the transaction, enter your password, PIN, or another form of verification.

How to Set up Google Pay on an iPhone

Download the Google Pay payments app from the Apple App Store to use Google Pay on an iPhone. Open the app after installing it, and once you’re on the start screen, sign in using your Google account. Enter your cellphone number after confirming the Google account mentioned above and clicking Proceed. An OTP confirmation is used to verify the number.

The next step is to configure your privacy preferences settings. Now pick the option that will help friends discover you when they enter your phone number. Then pick if you want to receive discounts and earn rewards on the payments you are making. Decide whether or not you wish to enable personalization for the Google Pay app using the Apple Pay app.

When it comes down to it, they will want greater security or privacy if you wish to integrate Face ID or Touch ID into the Google Pay app’s unlocking process for processing payments. You’ll be sent to the Google Pay home screen after enabling security. where you may manage your account and transfer or receive payments from anyone.

How to add a debit or credit card

The simplest method to begin using Google Pay to make mobile payments, whether online payments or in-person, is by adding a debit or credit card. Before you go out to demonstrate your contactless payment capabilities, have your account ready for payments by using the Google Pay purchase button to set up Google Pay.

A debit or credit card can be added to Google Pay by following the given methods:

  • Google Pay should be opened.
  • At the bottom of the screen, in the right corner, tap the Insights tab.
  • Choose Display all accounts.
  • Click Add card.
  • Enter the card number, then proceed as directed.

How to Use Google Pay on iPhone

Google Pay for the iPhone is mostly only available for online transactions. You can watch your spending across all of your accounts after adding your bank, credit, and debit cards. Additionally, you may pay online in any location that accepts Google Pay. You may give money to friends and family using the send option or seek payments from them using the requested feature.

You must provide Google Pay app access to your iPhone’s contacts list in order to use the send and request Google Pay features. When setting up Google Pay, you have the opportunity to choose whether or not friends and relatives may search for you.

How to transfer or request payments with Google Pay on an iPhone is as follows:

  • Select Send or Request.
  • Tap the person from whom you wish to send or receive payments.
  • To transfer payment to that person, enter the desired amount and select Pay. Send a payment request, please.
  • Press Add Note if necessary, then press Done.

Use Google Pay on websites and apps

Additionally, Google Pay is available at the point of sale on websites and in applications like Caviar, Starbucks, and Airbnb. Simply press the Google Pay icon whenever you see it at the checkout on a website or in an app.

How to add loyalty, gift, or transit cards

You may add gift cards and loyalty cards to your Google Pay Wallet. I inserted my AMC Stubs A-List card, for instance. But many businesses are backed, including Starbucks, Walgreens, Ikea, and airlines like United, Delta, and American.

1. Open the Google Pay app and select the Passes option at the bottom of the page to add a loyalty or gift card.

2. Next, press the blue + sign-adorned Pass button.

3. Next, choose a gift card or a loyalty program from the pop-up window. Select the business for your card or reward program from the list of shops and eateries that shows.

4. You will be asked to input the payment information on your gift card if you have one. A camera window will appear to scan your loyalty membership number if the program is a loyalty one. You may be given the choice by certain businesses to manually input the digits by pressing the enter manually button at the bottom of the screen. Some businesses, like sandwich manufacturer Jimmy John’s, allow you to register for a new account if you don’t already have one.

Although passes don’t operate as smoothly as a debit or credit card, having all of your memberships and gift cards in one location might be useful. And here is how you make use of a gift card or your loyalty card.

1. Select the desired loyalty card under the Passes tab.

2. After that, provide the cashier with the barcode for scanning. Read the cashier your membership number if your card doesn’t have a barcode.

Open the Passes tab and organize your loyalty cards by value. Next, press the card you wish to reorder while holding it down. Rearrange it whatever you’d like by moving it up or down.

Send and receive money with the Google Pay app

However, Google Pay offers more than simply a way to use your phone in place of physical cards. Like with Venmo and Zelle, you may send and request payments from your friends and family.

1. Launch the Google Pay app to send money.

2. Press the Request or Send Money button.

3. Next, decide which contact you want to ask for or donate funds to.

4. If the sender or recipient is not among your contacts, enter their phone number or email instead.

5. You and them can exchange the Google Pay QR code if they have the service installed on their phone.

You may send or receive payments with Google Pay directly from your browser.

1. Visit and log in to

Secondly, choose the Send or Request Money tab.

3. Select Request Money or Send Money.

4. Enter the amount of payment you wish to send or request, followed by the recipient’s contact details (phone, email, or name to retrieve information from their business card).

5. At last, select Send or Request.

How to Add Your Bank Accounts

If you take the following actions, you can add your bank account:

  1. Google Pay should be opened.
  2. In the lower right corner of the screen, tap the Insights tab.
  3. Choose Display all accounts.
  4. Click the “Money in Google Pay” button.
  5. You might have to finish the identity verification process. If asked, comply.
  6. Select Add money.
  7. Choose the amount you wish to add.
  8. Click Next.
  9. the choice to Show payment alternatives.
  10. Select Add bank account.
  11. You must use Plaid to sign into your bank account. To complete the procedure, adhere to the directions.

Paying Online With the Google Pay app

As long as the page you’re visiting accepts it, using Google Pay online is similarly straightforward. The checkout button may be accompanied by additional payment options when you go to the basket on the website you’re viewing; PayPal and Google Pay are two of the most popular. Simply tap that button to bring up a GPay overlay.

This will display your Google Pay account’s email, address, and card (which you may alter here). All you need to do to complete the purchase is hit Pay to confirm.

Use Google Pay on a transit system

To use your transport card to board trains, subways, and buses, you may also add it to Google Pay on your phone.

1. Open the Google Pay app and press the Ride Transit icon at the bottom of the home screen to add a transit card.

2. Next, decide which public transport system you’ll use.

3. Tap the Continue button in blue.

4. You could be sent to a transportation website or app to buy your tickets or passes, depending on the transit system. Sometimes, a little Activation window will appear. Whenever it occurs, tap the Continue button.

Please wake up your phone to utilize a pass or ticket. You might have to pick up your ticket and unlock your phone for some transit systems. Hold your phone next to the card reader and watch for a blue checkmark to appear.

How to use Google Pay contactless payments

By following the instructions, you can utilize Google Pay for an endless number of payments:

  1. Make sure NFC is switched on and that your phone is unlocked.
  2. For a few seconds, keep the back of your Android device against the payment terminal.
  3. When the transaction is finished, a blue checkmark will show up on your screen.
  4. Enter your PIN code or sign the receipt if necessary.

Get some rewards for shopping!

You want to benefit from all the wonderful offerings Google Pay has, right? The Search Giant has collaborated with several shops, which is fortunate. Additionally, some of these offers are quite kind!

View some Google Pay promotions:

  • Google Pay should be opened.
  • Enter the Explore tab by clicking on it in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • Look through all the offerings by scrolling down.
  • Choose the one you wish to use, then proceed with the redemption procedures.

Adding Cards and Using NFC

In both Google Pay apps, adding cards and navigating through your wallet appear quite identical.

  1. Tap the prompt in the app’s main menu at the top of the screen to add cards to your Google Pay digital wallet. Set up contactless pay should be mentioned, or you can choose to touch the Pay contactless symbol.
  2. You may now take a picture of your card or tap Add a Card to manually enter your card information. Your default card will be the one you add initially. You will need to decide which card you want to use as your default if you add numerous cards.
  3. You’re prepared to use NFC to scan your phone at the checkout counters.

From your home page, swiping left or right will display your offers and spending history, respectively. This way, you can keep track of where and how much money you’re spending as well as cashback rewards and discounts.

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